How and Why to Clear Your Tarot Deck, 6 Easy Ways

Tarot and oracle decks get muddy with energy. Just using (or even lack of using) your decks can create stickiness or sluggishness in the cards.The energy may get thick, dense or even negative. It’s difficult to have a clear and accurate reading when our cards are not at their best. 

Clear Tarot Deck

If you’re having trouble getting good readings from a deck, you’ve been using your deck a lot, or it’s been sitting around for a while, it’s time to do some clearing and cleansing. 

There are loads of ways to accomplish this task, but listed below are some simple and effective ways to accomplish this. You can use one, all, or a combination of techniques. For the best results, let your intuition be the guide when it comes to your own decks.


The quickest way to clear a deck is to shuffle a deck or knock then shuffle. While holding the cards in your left hand face down, knock, one to three times on the top of the deck with your right hand. You can knock more than three times if you feel inclined to but one to three usually does the trick. 

After knocking, take the cards and shuffle them. Shuffling reinvigorates the cards and clears any stale or stuck energy all while putting your energy into the deck. It’s important to have your energy as the reader into the deck so that you and your deck can work in harmony to bring powerful and accurate readings.

Clear Tarot Deck

Moon Bath

A thorough way to clear and cleanse your deck is to use the feminine water energy of the moon. Put your cards on a table or a window sill under the light of the moon. Keep them inside the house overnight, sit them loosely and use a favorite cloth or basket to set them on. You can use the different phases of the moon for different purposes but be sure to use the full moon for heavy duty cleansing.


Putting your cards in order is a thoughtful and thorough way to clear as well as get reacquainted with your tarot deck. Starting with the Major Arcana go from 0 to 21, from The Fool right through to The World. Then follow with the Minor Arcana, going from Ace to King, suit by suit. It doesn’t matter which suit comes first, just as long as each suit is in order. 

As you’re reordering, take time to look at each card as if it was the first time seeing the card. Sometimes, during this process, you notice things that you’ve never seen before. This can help bring a deeper understanding for certain cards, especially ones that you haven’t had a deep connection with before.

If you’re using oracle cards instead of tarot cards, put the deck back in the order that was set by the author when creating the deck. Oracle cards are often numbered or in alphabetical order. Consult the guidebook that came with the deck if you’re unsure.

Clear Tarot Deck


Saging is one of the most popular ways of clearing and cleansing your deck. You can use sage or incense to clear each card one-by-one or you can clear the whole deck at once. Passing each card or deck through the smoke several times helps to purge negativity so that there’s room for positive energies to be brought in. 

As you’re saging or using incense to clear the deck, you can even do the area where you read. Keeping negative energies clear of the sacred space where you read allows for messages to come through the deck clearly and more accurately.

Deck Clearing Tips


Using crystals is an effortless way to clear your deck. They emanate power and touch everything around them. Use crystals in your reading area when doing a reading, put a clear quartz or amethyst on the deck when not in use, and use crystals while doing any of the clearing techniques.


Hold the deck, close your eyes and be at one with the cards. You can recite prayers during this time, shuffle the cards or keep them still in your hands, and visualize any and all negative energies leaving and being lifted from the deck. Be sure to ask Archangel Michael to vacuum any negative energies that are leaving the deck. Once the deck is cleared, imagine pure white light entering the deck to replace the negative energies. Be sure to thank him when you are finished with this process. 

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