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Join the fun of Pulling Cards Everyday. Whether you're pulling tarot cards or oracle cards, pulling a card(s) every day helps to increase confidence as a reader and gives you practice tapping into your intuition. The Pulling Cards Everyday Challenge is a great way to connect with your deck, connect with tarot community and to have fun along the way!

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Get the prompts!

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Pull one card or pull a whole spread based on the daily prompts. Share it to your feed or stories and be sure to hashtag it #pullingcardseveryday

Create New Habits

Sharpen your skills! 

Pulling cards every day will shapren your tarot reading skills. You'll connect with your decks, and deepen your intuition the more often you pull cards. 

Social Media Trackers for Stories and Posts

Keep track of your daily card pulls with this monthly progress tracker to post to your stories! Want one for your journal, find them here. Print them out and put them in your tarot journal!

Printable Tarot Journal Trackers

Want some trackers for your tarot journal to print and write on? Find them here!